Electronics For Mood Barometer

Люди фотографируют "Барометр настроения"

Mood Barometer is a street-art object in steam-punk style located in Yekaterinburg, Russia. Mood Barometer “measures” and displays the mood of citizens. This project was implemented by guerrilla marketing agency StreetArt. We have developed the electronics for the project commissioned by StreetArt

Mood Barometer

How it works:

  1. Control unit connects to a web page via web protocol by the means of GSM/GPRS modem. Modem is installed on the controller as a mezzanine card. Using the string parsing, the control unit derives value of the variable – the percentage of people in the city who feel happy.
  2. Controller manages the power supply unit which is based on powerful field-effect MOP-transistors. PWM signal is applied to the transistor input through the emitter-follower. Two transistors manage the color of LED segments. Nine switch transistors light up the segments using the value of the variable according to the table of correspondence. Current of each segment is 0.5 A in a single color mode, while in a mode of two colors current is up to 0.8 A. The duty cycle of control pulses is increased in the mode of color mixing for brightness limitation and extension of service life of the segment.
  3.  If the web-page is not available (modem or web-server fault), the control unit sends a message to the predefined phone number.
  4. Power supply unit and control unit are put in plastic housing that has IP44 level of protection.
  5. Range of working temperatures is from -40 to +80 °C.

Барометр настроения ночью


Барометр настроения днём

Photo courtesy of StreetArt http://bit.ly/UZJn35



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