Arduino Library for RadioBlock

Being commissioned by Colorado Micro Devices (USA) we wrote Arduino library for RadioBlock — a device for wireless transmission of data.

As it is said at the developer’s web-site, Colorado Micro Devices RadioBlock is a wireless modem. It has a simple UART interface. Also it has standard pin spaced header to plug it into many common boards: Arduino, Raspberry Pi, BeagleBone etc. It has an onboard regulator so it might be powered by 3.3 and 5 V. The device is also convenient because it is supplemented with wireless mesh network.

The written library simplifies sending of messages from one device to another. It makes RadioBlocks very convenient and easy in use.

A piece of code illustrating how message “Hello, world” is sent:
#include <RBCommands.h>
#include <RadioBlock2.h>
RBlock rb;
void setup() {

// Setting up of the address of the device and the network parameters
// Sending of the message to the other device
rb.sendString(0x1001, «Hello, world!»);


Colorado Micro Devices has two successful projects at Kickstarter by now. They are RadioBlock (Simple Radio for Arduino or any Embedded System) and BORA (Binary Explorer Board).

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