Development and Production of a Wheel Mounted Sensor for Road Consulting company

Road Consulting company (Russian: Дорожный Консалтинг) works on IT implementation in city road maintenance.  The company uses car-based hardware and software system for inventory of road maintanance-related objects.

One of the key tasks of the system is precise measurement of its’ own spacial position. To fulfill this task, the system is equipped with a set of different sensors.

We have been commissioned to develop and make a wheel-mounted sensor that collect information about rotating of a wheel, hence about the motion of a car.

A high-precision optical encoder SICK DRS-60 has been chosen for the project. A special mechanism to mount the encoder on a car has been made. The mechanism meets the following requirements:

  • mounting of the encoder to a car body should be done so that rotation of the encoder body with respect to the car body is excluded and suspension travel is taken into account;
  • mounting of the encoder to the wheel hub should provide alignment of the encoder axis and axis of the wheel rotation enough for not to cause premature wear and sufficient measurement errors;
  • the mechanism should be mounted on a car easy and fast.


We made an assembly that consists of a self-centering disk which is mounted to the center of a wheel hub using collets. Also it includes a device for mounting of the encoder to car body using permanent magnets with a suspension travel compensatory unit.
The development had begun using the technical documentation even before the encoder was delivered.

Here are some pictures of the whole hardware and software system mounted on the car:


Production process

Production of collets

Preparation of a blank for the self-centering disk